Whatsapp New Updates In 2019

Whatsapp is the biggest messaging platform available right now. It has more than 1.5 billion users and is increasing every day. Whatsapp in the need of everyone right now. Business is relying their businesses on this platform and companies are using it for their official communication. A network of WhatsApp in increasing exponentially. 

Whatsapp New Updates In 2019

Whatsapp New Updates In 2019

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Whatsapp is the largest messaging platform because it gives the quality to the users and it is updated regularly. All of the bugs and fixed and many new features are introduced using updates over the air. Some of the new updates coming to WhatsApp in 2019 are:
⦁ Whatsapp dark mode
The usual color contrast on most applications is white background along with black text. But it sometimes causes strain to the eyes. To prevent it, WhatsApp is about to introduce a dark mode in which this color contrast is inverted.
⦁ Whatsapp Group video calls
Whatsapp lacked one feature provided by the face time and also Skype that they both offer group video call to their users. Whatsapp also launched a similar feature which also up to 3 users to video chat at once.
⦁ Whatsapp video viewing
Whatsapp is also introducing another feature like YouTube in which you can watch the video in the picture in picture display while using the app. So users will be able to chat while watching videos using this feature. This feature is provided also by the Facebook app as it is very useful and time-saving. You can drag this video anywhere on your screen and also you can close it using a swipe.

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