What’s new in CES 2019?

CES is all about world gathering place where all the technical business consumers to thrive. It’s providing the most innovative and new technological breakthrough for 50 years. Next generation is introduced and presented to the market place that is owned by CTA.

What’s new in CES 2019?

What’s new in CES 2019?


For more information click here https://itechpulse.com/what-samsung-introduced-in-ces-2019/


Almost more than 4500 exhibiting companies i.e. developers, manufacturers, and suppliers are also included that is showcased in CES. We are going to discuss what’s new in CES 2019? 2019 CES roundups into different formats


  • TechRadar’s 2019 CES reward: best tech in Vegas:  While the CES 2019 events we have seen many techs related stuff and many more gadgets have introduced and relatively all those technical and innovative technologies were introduced before.  For the best tech-related stuff we saw was rewarded very efficiently.


  • New turntable 2019: best record players:  The best vinyl record players on the Vegas CES 2019 was incredible, especially for parents’ records.


  • The halo sports 2 that will electrically shock your brain:  Have you ever thought of a single pair of headphone to make you force to learn more? But is CES headphones will improve your motor skills of a center of your brain, as it transfers electrical current.


  • PC components in CES 2019:  This year of CES much-upgraded hardware for PC was introduced in the market i.e. (AMD, Intel, and NVidia).


  • Best monitors in CES 2019:  CES 2019 introduced many 65 PC displays, with new monitor launches.







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