What Should You Know To Make a Game For PC?

There are a vast amount of people who love to play games are fond of playing games and coming up with new tactics and techniques to beat the opponents. Have you ever thought of how much hard work it requires to create a striking and engaging game?  Or what should you know to make a game for PC? Let us dig into some of the stages for creating a PC game

What Should You Know To Make a Game For PC?

What Should You Know To Make a Game For PC?

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  • Finding a tool
  1. Make a text-based game:  Most of the people also love to develop their gain that is text based not graphics based. As most text-based games are focused on the story or a puzzle, this kind of game is easy to create. Some of the options for tools include Inform7 and Twine.
  1. Make a 2D game:  You have to move step by step, as after learning text-based games you should go for 2D games. The appropriate tools for making 2 D games are the game maker and stencil which requires and handle more of the programming skills.
  1. Try to make a 3D game:  After 2D games, 3D games are much easier to make so for that you should have proper tools and skills are required for completing the long projects and large tasks. If you want to create your own games instead of using already crafted one, you can use 3Ds MAX, blender or Maya.
  1. Heavy programming approach:  There is no such thing in making games where you can say that you are fully educated even people with programming backgrounds can feel complications.

Here are some common key points that can guide you to create a game.

  • Creating the game
  1. Choose a concept
  2. Make a simple level
  3. Design a core gameplay
  4. Make a few levels
  5. Create mid or long term goals
  6. Always Test
  7. Enhance graphics and sound


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