What Samsung introduced in CES 2019

Samsung is unveiling its new technology every year at CES 2019. It provides us with great new tech products every year. There are a lot of new innovations displayed by Samsung at the CES.

What Samsung introduced in CES 2019

What Samsung introduced in CES 2019

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  • Housework:  This year Samsung started with the upgraded version of Bixby. A lot of you know that Samsung introduced Bixby some years back which is a personal assistant for Samsung phones. You can use voice commands to use your phone without interacting with that and perform simple tasks like reading a message, send or play a piece of music.

This year Samsung introduced this technology in all other of Samsung’s products as well. Housework is the introduced for Bixby enabled appliances which allow its users to control household items using voice commands. You can tell your washing machine when to start or stop. You can tell your refrigerator to change its temperature.


  • TVs:  Samsung also unveiled some of its technology in TVs. Samsung introduced its 6K version of the modular micro-LED display that comes with a Samsung quantum processor 8k chip. It is the world’s first AI powered picture processing engine.


  • Samsung Connected car:  Samsung latest advanced in the field of IOT gave them a head start in exciting new products like a connected car. This is not only a comfortable solution to daily commute but is very safe, seamless and very intelligent. Bixby’s integration with this gives its consumers very seamless control over their home’s devices even when they are in their cars. You can change seat temperature or change entertainment settings using voice commands.


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