What is the biggest upside of a Chromebook tablet for you?

Tablets are around there for almost a decade. Tablets were first introduced many years back but they entered the consumer market almost 7 years back. Now tablets are used in day to day activity of users instead of a laptop. Tablets are more portable, have more battery time and are easier to as use as compared to laptops. So they make more sense to use more often instead of a laptop.

What is the biggest upside of a Chromebook tablet for you?

What is the biggest upside of a Chromebook tablet for you?

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Google launched Chromebook tablets which are manufactured by Acer. Chromebook Tab 10 which is powered by Google’s own Chrome OS. Chrome Os can run android apps very smoothly. Why would anyone prefer Chrome Tab instead of an iPad or a surface Tab? That’s the question. Chrome Os is a lightweight OS aimed to provide basic needs to students with simple features.

Chrome Os had some limitations that were affecting its consumers but after the support of Linux and Android Applications, we can now use Chrome Os for complete workflow.

So, the biggest upside of a chrome book is that it is available in a huge range. There are a lot of Chromebook to choose from. Google’s Pixelbook is one of the best Chromebook.  Most of the Chromebooks cost less than a common laptop. They can be bought for as low as 200$.

A Chromebook can be boot up completely in 8 sec while a laptop can take up to 15 sec. With the use of SSD hard disks and a very lightweight OS. A Chromebook’s battery can last for almost up to 10 hours which is very high for a device of this kind.

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