Top 10 Fighter Jets?

The air force is a necessary part of any defense. It provides a barrier between ground forces. Fighter planes help in the surveillance of enemy movement and also they can help in the fast deployment of defense. So it is very important to have a strong air force and superior fighter planes help in making good air-force.

Top 10 Fighter Jets?

Top 10 Fighter Jets?

Today 5th Gen jet fighters are developed, these planes have much-advanced technologies like stealth mode, radar detection avoidance, great avionics and they have great airframes. Having all the latest features in a min, top 10 jet fighters in 2019 are:


  • Lockheed Martin F-35:  It is a US-based jet and one of the most advanced fighter plane available. US govt spent more than 1.5trillion dollars on this jet. It is expected that this jet will be used until 2070.


  • Sukhoi Su-57:  Su-57 is the most advanced Russian jet. It has all of the features of a 5th gen fighter jet. Russia spent 10 million dollars on the research and development of su 57.


  • Shenyang FC 31:  Development by China, this jet is equipped with all the latest feature. It is anticipated that this jet has much better features than most jets like the readiness of the pilot and some radar features.


  • Mitsubishi X-2 shin-shin:  It is actually a test jet, which is used as a tester for some other jet. It is a Japanese build.


  • Lockheed Martin f22 raptor:  It is the first 5th gen jet. It is the first fighter jet to have super maneuverability, stealth mode, and sensor fusion.

These are some of the other top jets having similar features:

Eurofighter Typhoon:

HAL Tejas fighter jet

JF-17 thunder

Mcdonel Douglas f-15 eagle


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