The First Chinese Plant On Moon

China is trying its best to set up new records on the space. Chinese are putting their best efforts to excel in space exploration with new discoveries. After being the first nation to successfully land a space rover on the moon, now they started research on how to grow plants on the moon as well.

The First Chinese Plant On Moon

The First Chinese Plant On Moon


   China’s brought a cotton seed to the moon using a space probe and the results were good. It got sprouted. This was the first biological experiment on the moon by anyone. This probe carried potato seed and cotton seed in a specially designed container which is designed in collaboration within 28 Chinese universities. This contains a self-sustaining artificial environment. This environment is ideal for a plant to be alive. It provided necessary air, water, and other nutrients to keep the temperature normal in order for the plants to be alive.

Professor Xie Gengxin, who is the chief designer of this experiment told that this experiment is the proof of a future survival on the moon. As this cottonseed can provide clothes and potatoes could be a source of food.

The Chang’e-4 probe which landed on the moon at 3 January, was found dead on the next Sunday on a lunar night. Professor Xie told the state news that its seed in this canister cannot survive the lunar night. Some other reports show that this canister was supposed to last three months and create a self-sustaining life.

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