Samsung Gear Issues

It has been over a month since Samsung’s new smartwatch was discharged there’s still no fix for the numerous Galaxy Watch issues. Clients have been griping about issues with the very highlights individuals will, in general, buy a smartwatch for in any case.

Samsung Gear Issue

Samsung Gear Issue

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There are endless reports of these on Samsung’s discussions and in a shut Facebook bunch for Samsung smartwatches. Clients are detailing pedometer (step counter) and pulse sensor issues. There are additional reports about off base rest and pulse following just as not exactly anticipated battery life.

No, fix yet for Galaxy Watch issues

The primary affirmation of issues with the pedometer and pulse sensor originated from an arbitrator on Samsung’s gatherings a month ago. The impermanent fix proposed included rebooting the watch when the issue is recognized and after that incapacitating the Elliptical mentor and Rowing machine setting. Clients on the Facebook assemble are whining about missing advances. They state that especially the initial 15-20 stages in the wake of being still for a period are absent.

Samsung Gear Issues

The Galaxy Watch issues don’t stop here. Some are whining about rest following not including profound rest. Others state that pulse following totally loses track for the duration of the day and especially amid exercises. The diagrams and information on the watch itself have all the earmarks of being right. It might simply involve the information not synchronizing effectively with Samsung Health.

Some state that the calorie burn is shown is low contrasted with different trackers. This could be because of the pulse following being out of adjusting. A couple of proprietors have griped about getting just 2/3 days of battery life on the 46mm model.

Samsung has been requesting that clients give indicative information specifically to the product group when they experience any such strange conduct. In any case, these issues have been available since the Galaxy Watch turned out.

A firmware refresh was discharged as of late for the Galaxy Watch however it didn’t appear to incorporate any fixes. The time has come for Samsung revealed the firmware refresh that tends to these issues on its new smartwatch.


  1. Robert Senack Jr

    Have same problem pedometer stopped tracking steps. Heart rate also no longer working.

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