Robots in CES 2019

CES is the place where every new technology invention is introduced. It is the global stage for the invention where different innovators and breakthrough technologists demonstrate their inventions for more than 50 years. CES showcases a very huge amount of companies where manufacturers’ developers and consumer technologists introduced their product to the consumer market.

Robots in CES 2019

Robots in CES 2019

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Its also includes a conference program where more than 150 countries take part. The first CES took place in New York City in 1967 and it was the birthplace for technology. There are many robotic technologies also unveiled at CES 2019 some of them includes:


  •  UBtech cruzr :   In UBtech there is a cruzr who greets you at the door, you can get information regarding the products in the store using a touch interface, this robot an even take you to that products.


  • Walker:  This is also another one of a kind robot in CES 2019. It is a free-standing and walking robot that can help you around in your home. It can guide you around, can retrieve items for you or even open a door for you. The price is walker is still a mystery but assumptions are it will be very expensive if we look at its flexibility.


  • Temi:  Temi is kind of a personal assistant. It looks on onto its owner and follows him. It can help you whenever you are in need like it will greet you, charge your phone using a built-in wireless charger. It can play songs as per your liking. Temi can also be controlled using a smartphone device.


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