Crypto Currency Exchange

Crypto Currency Exchange

Crypto currency has become a worldwide phenomenon that is known by every single person in this time of century. The greatest and trusted platform ever created by men for men, Lots of people are investing their time, money and energy in crypto currency exchange. For getting better results we should always consider utilizing proper services and platform, which can produce ... Read More »

Bitcoin Crypto Currency Solutions

Bitcoin- CryptoCurrency solutions

Crypto currency is a digital form of currency which is established to provide a medium to exchange the investment to secure your financial transactions by using stern process of cryptography. In other words crypto currency is also described to exchange the information securely. There are some major crypto coins i.e. Bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, BAT, NEO and Ripple. ... Read More »

Pakistan Blockchain Development

Pakistan blockchain development

Blockchain technology is growing very fast in Pakistan as crypto currency exchange is prevailed within Pakistan. We initiated and introduced blockchain technology in Pakistan because of growing record list of crypto currency transactions. It’s totally safe as no one will ever misplace the details of any crypto coin transaction because of linkage of cryptography, as each block contain the cryptographic ... Read More »

Initial Coin Offering

Initial coin offering

Initial coin offering (ICO) is another way of funding that is done via crypto currency. Any new company that requires expansion and development must need funding or investment. As small companies starts to grow with time, they can also go for outside investors for quick cash flow by sharing half of the company’s ownership mostly it is done by crowdfunding. ... Read More »

Blockchain Development

Blockchain Development

With the past few years crypto currency attracted many investors and brokers to invest in crypto coins through mining, trading and exchanging. Block chain is more like financial instrument as it provides the platform to keep track on records of each transaction with respect to crypto currency or in simple words it can be described as book keeping. Blockchain Development ... Read More »

The State Of The Apple TV in 2018

The state of the apple TV in 2018

Company named apple was found back in April 1976 by Steve jobs and Steve Wonzniak. Their aim was to provide user friendly computers for their homes and offices, after getting profit in their work they introduced many gadgets time to time. IPhone, I pads, Apple watches and in 2006 the concept of Apple TV was introduced. Then later on, back ... Read More »

Developers Explain What Apple Must do to Turn Apple TV into a successful gaming platform

Developers explain what Apple must do to turn Apple TV into a successful gaming platform

Apple TV has many features, Tv iOS apps and many games that are quite fascinating, Apple users enjoy that a lot. But the question is does IOS developers makes the apple TV compatible as gaming console? Does it compete other famous and ideal consoles from i.e. Sony and Microsoft? For more information, click here Developers Explain What Apple Must ... Read More »

Apple Watch Reviews 2018

Apple watch reviews 2018

Apple products are known for innovation, quality and reliability. The concept of our conventional watches is that they are supposed to be rounded in shape and heavy bulky ones. Apple watch 4 series is considered as most upgraded and advanced watch ever created and the best choice in (it’s not economical) economical prices. The year 2018 can be considered as ... Read More »

Apple is Going Down?

Apple is going down?

With the death of Steve jobs, drastic changes in Apple.Inc has been noticed. It is quite mesmerizing that the vision of Steve jobs and his understanding concern for the customers’ requirements was uncanny. IPhone is one of biggest product with respect to sale for Apple and how we have observed the downfall of iPhone now in recent years after the ... Read More » Crypto Trading Android App

Fundslead Crypto Trading Android App

In this time of the world gadgets are an essential part of our life, where no task is done without iPhone, iPad or tablets. always prioritizes ease for brokers in the market who are showing and putting their whole interest in crypto currency exchange. We introduced one of its kind android application for users, application is designed in ... Read More »

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