New iPhoneX Has Three Big Problems

There is no doubt that Apple always keen to present the best quality, outclass and innovative products. Recently apple phones are presenting new cell phones with bigger in size, handsets are richest and riskiest launches ever. Apart from that iPhone X also faces many problems that users face many problems that can be very annoying sometimes.

New iPhoneX Has Three Big Problems

New iPhoneX Has Three Big Problems

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Without clear correspondence of the issues, what is being analyzed by Apple, and what is tended to in each refresh, the bugs and mistakes in the handsets remain a disappointing black box of issues without any answers. Truly, programming will have imperfections, yet making an impression of ‘no issues here, move along’ while shotgunning out convenient solutions does not breed certainty.
⦁ Overheating
iPhone X’s one of the most irritating problem is overheating, after a slight use of iPhone creates issues related to overheating of iPhone X especially.
One of the consumers stated:
 “When I watched several videos on my Facebook app and then went on to Safari and watched some videos. It drained the battery quickly and got very hot.”
⦁ Face ID failure
Reports show that Apple is supplanting these iPhones with new iPhone X models complimentary, in spite of the fact that the organization may at first attempt to supplant the True Depth camera, and afterward the back confronting camera.
Inside form Apple support stated:
 “The policy doesn’t represent a new repair program or the discovery of a widespread fault with True Depth cameras. Instead, it is a modification of a support procedure, something that happens relatively frequently.”

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