Most Played Games On Internet

Gaming is one of the most exponentially grown platform where you can put in your efforts and skills into practice. Online video game provides a tremendous platform for game lovers to invest their energy and time. 10 years back online gaming was quite famous platforms for playing games, back then it was a huge thing but with time online gaming is getting even bigger.

Most Played Games On Internet

Most Played Games On Internet

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Due to more games and advancement in the technology, more gamers are opting online games rather than putting their efforts on downloading games on PC. Let’s dig into some games that are played famously through online platforms

PUBG:  Player unknown battleground has gained a lot of popularity, which ranked over 20 million sales. The idea lies under this game is to kill everyone and left as for last survivors on the site. Pubg is growing with time as competitors are investing their time and potential.

OVERWATCH:  Overwatch was most famously played in 2016 but one of the newest games among other like PUBG. Currently, 30 million players love to play this game by logging into their accounts most often.

These games possess many modes that consist from classic flag capturing to its destination.


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