Is WhatsApp Completely Secure For Communications?

             Whatsapp messenger is one of the world’s famous freeware and cross-platform IP service with 1 billion daily users, which is recently owned by Facebook. This application is a most used application out of any online platform for messaging, calling or document sharing. This application is mobile service in actual, you can only use through mobile but also accessible from personal computers as well.

Is whatsapp completely secure for communications?

Is WhatsApp Completely Secure For Communications?

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But the question arises here, is WhatsApp completely secure for communications? In this article, we will explore and discuss all the aspects of communication security related to WhatsApp messengers. After getting under the control of Facebook, WhatsApp introduced an end to end encryption to secure the medium of communication. Let’s break down the encryption to understand the scenario clearly.

  • Whatsapp encryption information

The new version of WhatsApp messenger comes with encryption for every message, call or document exchange. Only a person who supposed to read and open the message is allowed to open up the message with encryption, not even WhatsApp is eligible to open that message.

You don’t have to switch on the encryption service with the newer versions of WhatsApp, the encryption service will automatically activate. Now there is the thing that is questionable that what is encryption? And why it is important for security?                                                                                                                            

  • What is encryption?

The concept of encryption was introduced way back thousands of years ago when people used to write coded letters for communication.  It’s a medium of scrambling the messages of senders to recipients to secure the content in the message.


  • Why encryption is important

Before the messages being encrypted many cases were filed for personal messages being leaked and misused. After that WhatsApp introduced and used encrypted messages to secure the communication for their users, that is not even barged by government officials or even higher authorities of WhatsApp.


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