How To Secure Your Android Phone?

Securing your mobile these days is as important as securing your bank account because it holds lots of personal information. Because a person phone owns all the relevant data of a person phenomenally e.g. picture, saved notes, emails and many more. Here are some authentications which show that your smartphone is safe and secure.

How To Secure Your Android Phone?

How To Secure Your Android Phone?

  • Google account two-factor authentication:  As we all know secure and safe android phones start with google account just because it’s the place where all the synced data of yours is stored and secured. 2FA is 2 step verification account through which a person can modify, change and recover the phone numbers, email addresses, and recent security events for sure.
  • Use secured lock screen:  If you have no habit of securing your phone screen by locking the screen then you should consider this option very fast. The process of setting up lock screen process is just via a general setting in android phone Settings > Security > Screen Lock. For further more comfortable security choose for fingerprint lock option.
  • Select the option of finding my phone:  There is no doubt, even after owning the most expensive smartphone we sometimes forget our phone by placing somewhere or in other words some steals them. In those scenarios, we are recommended you to go for ‘find my phone’ by clicking some simple steps Settings > Google > Security > Find My Phone. 
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