How to Reset your iPhone or iPad 3?

This is a tutorial created to show you how you can factory reset your iPhone or iPad 3. Whenever you need to completely wipe off the data from your IOS device when you want to transfer this device to anyone else or sell it, you need to reset your device to its new state.

How to Reset your iPhone or iPad 3?

How to Reset your iPhone or iPad 3?

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Whenever you want to sale your device it is very important to reset the device in order to secure the data. There might be others reason to reset your device, if your device is crashing or got slower with time, you can reset it and make it just like new. Sometimes many of your problems with the device can be solved just by wiping it clean. Even if your device is stuck in a boot loop, you can try resetting it in order to work again.

How to Reset your iPhone or iPad 3?

To reset your iPhone or iPad to factory settings:   First, you need to back up your device in order to save the data on a cloud before wiping it clean.

Go to settings > general > Reset and select erase all content. You will be prompted to add your passcode if you want to reset it. You need to provide your Apple ID too, for it to reset completely. After that, it will take about 5 minutes and completely reset your device.

If you are unable to switch on your device and want to reset it, you can reset your device using iTunes too. Connect your device to iTunes and you will be able to see restore phone button. Simply press this button to reset it completely

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