How to Make IOS Application

IOS is a mobile operating system, developed by apple. IOS was developed when apple launched their first smartphone that was, iPhone 2G. IOS is an UNIX based OS, which is similar to android OS in many ways How to Make IOS Application. IOS provides developers limited freedom to create their application and upload it on appStore. To develop an iOS application you need to have a MAC. IOS application can only be developed using MAC OSX, so you need to own a MacBook.

How to Make IOS Application

How to Make IOS Application

Officially supported language of iOS application was Objective C back when iPhone 2G was released. Now apple shifted from Objective C to their own swift language. Official IDE for developing iOS application is Xcode. Xcode is very user friendly and provide efficient ways to develop iOS applications. Developer need to have understanding of programming languages before they can make iOS applications.

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How to Make IOS Application

Cross Platform:

You can even create a single application for iOS, Android and Windows phone which is called making cross platform application. There are many frameworks available to make cross platform applications like Xamarin which is developed by Microsoft and also react native or Ionic framework. All of these provide functionality to export an application for iOS as well along with android or windows phone. There are many advantages of using cross platform instead of native development, as it is easy maintainable, very cost effective and it’s portable. Xamarin uses C# to code applications, while react and ionic uses JavaScript.

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