How To Make Anonymous Calls From Your Android Phones?

You can make anonymous calls from your Android phone without any specific reason. Whatever is the reason for hiding your phone number you can switch the caller ID. The reason can be anything like pranking your friend or any other good or bad reason you can easily hide the identity by hiding your own numbers. Here are some steps, you can follow for making your call anonymous.

How To Make Anonymous Calls From Your Android Phones?

How To Make Anonymous Calls From Your Android Phones?

  • Download and install the phone dialer app on your android phone.
  • Open the android app you have installed.
  • Choose the menu bar by clicking three dotes on the search bar, which is known as setting.
  • Go for settings.
  • When the setting menu opens up, tap on call setting.
  • The very next step is to click on advanced settings.
  • After that menu has launched, go for ‘Caller ID’.
  • For the target you are here, select hide the number.

How to switch caller ID in android phone?  The 3 step process of switching the caller ID in your android phones, after performing all the steps mentioned earlier, you just have to add one advance step to switch the caller ID in your smartphone.

  • Select advanced settings.
  • Open up the option of caller ID by Google.
  • Select the option by sliding the slider to the off position.

And that’s all it takes to make anonymous calls via using your own android phone. 

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