How To Make Android Look Like IOS?

Android and IOS are two different operating systems which are owned by different companies. iPhone has distinctive look and features that are completely different from any android versions. There are many features that are different in android and IOS are related to material design, internal working, shape, and ROM.

How To Make Android Look Like IOS?

How To Make Android Look Like IOS?

iPhone has a renowned place in the market of quality smartphone and if you want your Android phone to work and look like IOS. IOS has outstanding ROM and other specific features you can follow and adapting apps that requires patience, not completely but it can provide the feel of IOS by usage and by touch. There are the various feature that is distinguished from android and we can change it via apps like

  • Home screen:  You can emulate your android phone home screen, just like IOS by having a launcher on the home screen of app drawer 5*4 with the dock. Third party launchers have the capability to change the Android home screen to the IOS home screen by downloading and launching. Even on home screen, we can switch on IOS icon by installing icon pack from google play store.
  • Wallpapers: Like any other feature, Apple has different and distinguished wallpapers over the years. You can set them on your android phones, by downloading and installing the wallpapers to give the further look of IOS.
  • Quick settings:  You can even add a quick setting by downloading and setting it up. The level of customization is that much high you can set the setting windows at the bottom of the screen instead of the top. This whole system can be set up by app launcher, even to set gestures and responsive control panel.
  • Messaging: Like you, all know there is a special feature in iPhone of having iMessage, but on the other hand, there is no such feature exist in android. There are various text messages apps that can give design and appearance of iMessage into your android phones.
  • Camera:  You need to experience the effect of IOS in android camera by downloading or installing google camera app from google play store. The camera which owns lens blur and 360-degree photos effects same as iPhone 7 nowadays possess.
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