How To Make Android Games

Gaming is the perfect medium for fun, entertainment and sometimes it offers educational perspectives for the players as well. How To Make Android Games. Games has a tendency of growing your thinking skills moreover it can provide some solutions to technical issues while playing it. As playing game is a skill, making games is even more of a high level skill. Game makers invest large amount of their innovative ideas and go through tremendous thought processes with long term planning to get into the game we imagined.

How To Make Android Games

How To Make Android Games

Most of the games you play on the PC are also available in play store as an android version, so that you can play them on your smart phones anytime anywhere.  Some of them are fairly complex to make such as angry bird and flappy bird because of its structure. There are certain steps via which you can make an amazing android game play.

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How To Make Android Games

  • Skills and tools you require
  1. A laptop or Pc with installed android studio.
  2. Knowledge about Java programming.
  3. Knowledge about android studio
  4. JAVA development kit (JDK) should be in latest version
  • First step of making the android game
  1. Open up the android studio and click on the new project.
  2. Write application name and choose SDK for next step.
  3. Create blank activity.
  • Directory named res will show you, copy all the images and save it into the res=>drawable folder of android studio.
  • After opening java file, delete all the images in the file.

Create 4 classes more and put them into respective files i.e. About.docx=>, Game.docx=>, Hiscore.docx=> and Setting.docx =>

  • Now create new xml files with respective names of about, Game, hiscore and settings

For that go to res=> layout then go to new => layout resource file.

  • There are many codes available on internet so that you can copy paste into the respective named files. And after that you can connect your PC with phone to run and check the game.

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