How To Live Without Technology?

Have you ever thought of spending your day to day time in the place where there is no use of innovative technology? Well, this situation can become a curse with time. Even our day to day life communication is all exists into our social media platforms e.g. Facebook, Twitter, mobile phone, laptops, and gadgets. But if you think it can be that bad, then you can think twice because it’s not. We will offer some helpful survival tips for living life without technology, let’s discuss

How To Live Without Technology?

How To Live Without Technology?

  • Put all your effort, vision and time into your work and community service to help people who are suffering from different issues. Divert your interest into a vision of summer programs for each project every day.
  • Get to know each other while visiting quality time instead of using a laptop and mobile phones. Face to face interaction can replace living life with technology.
  • Learn knowledge and practice conversation by reading books and communicating with neighbors or your loved ones.
  • Play physical games outside in playgrounds such as football, cricket, basketball and many more instead of spending time on playing on cell phones or gadgets.
  • Instead of using online platforms to buy furniture, food, clothes, and much more stuff, you should visit local markets to taste special quality time with locals in markets.
  • Get crafty and put your interest in pottery, arts, and gardening instead of playing games related to gardening, farming, and pottery.
  • Spend more and more time in writing diaries and your knowledge you have gained while journaling material. The vision of every person can create a revolution instead of getting your whole interest in technological platforms.

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