How To Check Who Is Using Your Internet

Use of internet is increasing day by day. As the demand for internet is increased, technologies like 3G, 4G, and 5G are in place. Today mobile companies charges for internet as per the usage. Total Mbs are calculated and internet bill is based on that. Also, more users bottleneck the bandwidth of the internet. So keeping the record of all the users of the internet is mandatory.

How To Check Who Is Using Your Internet

How To Check Who Is Using Your Internet

One way to check who is using your internet is that you can check how many users are connected to your Wi-Fi network.

You can filter the users based on their MAC address. Also, you can allocate different internet bandwidth based on these MAC addresses. In your Wi-Fi router online portal, you can see the list of users connected right now. You can add or remove any user on your choice.

If you have a mobile hotspot on your phone, anyone can connect to your Wi-Fi network using the password. So, you can filter out the users based on their device name in settings of your phone. All of the connected devices are listed in the settings, you can remove any device at your will.

Keeping your Wi-Fi password safe is very important. Not only your internet bandwidth can be stolen, but even your computer system can be infiltrated with an intrusion. If a hacker is connected to your Wi-Fi network, he might find a way to access your system file or even modify them.

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