How To Become Tech Nerd

Technology is the ‘BIG’ thing around the world. Today it has become necessary to keep in touch with the latest technology. A person cannot serve if he is not to date with the latest technology. A tech nerd is a person who keeps in touch with all the latest technology around the world, who is actually obsessed with the idea of knowing new tech developments in the world.

How To Become Tech Nerd

How To Become Tech Nerd

So to be a tech nerd to have to gain knowledge about everything related to technology happening around the world. Like you should which is the latest smartphone device is made and what features it provides. What is new in it? Or which new car technology is developed. Also, you should know which latest processor with what kind of specifications is made by Intel OR AMD.

To know these things you have to surf around the internet on the daily bases. Just like you read current affairs news there are several good newspaper, magazines, and blogs available to learn about technology. There is a newspaper “Spider” which is rolled out every month in which almost all the latest technology developments are described. There are also some of the best blogs like VERGE or ENGADGET where you can read about technology. Many of the YouTube channels provide latest technology updates. So you can subscribe to various YouTube channels to be a tech nerd.

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