How Blockchain Is Remaking The Media/Entertainment Business?

The blockchain is a very famous phenomenon in this new technical era in this world. Blockchain claims and promises to media that they will take away the worst digital behaviors from the market. Now media and other social media agencies are using blockchain architecture for the evidence of their work for equality, profit sharing and decentralizing distribution.

How Blockchain Is Remaking The Media/Entertainment Business?

How Blockchain Is Remaking The Media/Entertainment Business?

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The CSE 2019 Meeting panel explains how Blockchain is remaking the media/entertainment business? Blockchain distributes provides the environment of digital media transactions and the ownership.


  • Future proofing:  Vital to this dialog is the possibility that individual information ought to be dealt with like the licensed intellectual and innovation that it is, and blockchain can help with this in three different ways: approving the information, taking micropayments, and guaranteeing the capacity to believe somebody you don’t have the foggiest idea.
  • Personal data equals free content:  To see the online content, consumers and customers tend to sell their personal data. This phenomenon considered as the ideal and standard way to access free content.  Senior advisor of digital currency stated that “our data isn’t a traditional currency, but it truly is this instrument of value which you’re giving up. What these entities [Facebook, Google, etc.] are doing is gathering up our data, packaging it and reselling it,”  
  • Hacking the media:  If we are thinking to access the media and reveal ourselves to any system we should always take care of the system’s owner and where it’s going to take us.

Co-founder of Gracenote said: “Media companies are less equipped to deal with the fact that they also have our digital identities,”

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