Games That Will Make You Type Fast

In today’s era computer, cellphones and gadgets plays integral part in our day to day life. For holding strong approach towards any of these technologies you should type fast. There are various means that will lead you towards speedy typing but we will discuss in this article about the games that will make you type fast.

Games That Will Make You Type Fast

Games That Will Make You Type Fast

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Old school method were way simpler but complex at the same time, in recent times all those methods are taken over by technology quite fast. Games are just not for fun you can learn by playing them, moreover by thinking out of the box while investing your time and energy in it. It’s a great combination of learning fast typing skills and fun at the same time.

  • ZType –Space invaders meet webmaster:  Remember in the old 70’s gaming consoles we often found and allowed to shoot small purple and green aliens from one end of screen to another. Type’s concept is the same as those games but the difference is instead of aliens we have to type out the words to destroy the enemy. Faster you type faster the action takes place in the games, left you with fast typing speed.


  • Epistory-typing chronicles:  Some games costs you some cash but are worthy for investment, Epistory is one that. The theme of epistory game is adventurous in which girl is riding a fox in magical environment or background. The girl that is riding a fox also fight with words during the journey.


  • Daily quote tying:  This gams is quite unusual but still effective for increasing your typing speed, where you have some inspirational quotes by different leaders and investors. You have to write them in order to pass the level up, hence  you can start typing fast later on.

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