Games That Will Change Your Life

Now-a-days game industry is at its boom. A lot of top tiers software companies are aiming towards creating games which contains high-end graphics and storyline. Digital Games can not only be a way of entertainment but they are very knowledgeable too. These game are very interactive and gives close to the real experience. E.g. while playing flight simulation you can learn little things about planes. So here are some of the PC and mobile games that can have a big impact on your life.

Games That Will Change Your Life

Games That Will Change Your Life



SIMS: Sims is a role-playing game developed by Electronic Arts. It has very high-end graphics with a very exciting storyline. In Sims, a player is imitating real life, he can search for a job, can build his own house, make friends, visit friends, in-fact do anything you can in real life.

CALL OF DUTY 4:  It is a first-person shooting game with very real like graphics and great story-line. COD4 has real guns and all kinds of weapons and you can use those to eliminate enemies. You can choose to play Single player or multiplayer. This game contains a lot of knowledgeable stuff about wars and weapons etc.



REAL RACING:  This is a racing game simulation developed by EA GAMES. It contains real cars and world. You can customize your car to the fullest, keeping in mind, the tire radius, suspension and brake configuration as per your requirement to make your car go faster with a better grip.

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