Games Like PUBG, GTA and Fortnight Harmful For Children

The gaming industry is at its boom nowadays. Online gaming experience is really addictive and it affecting a lot of children around the globe. Games like PUBG and fortnight are played on smartphones, as they are portable, these games are being played everywhere. These games are gaining huge popularity in India than in other parts of the world.

Games Like PUBG, GTA and Fortnight Harmful For Children

Games Like PUBG, GTA and Fortnight Harmful For Children

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These games are so addicted and children are becoming more involved in them due to their addictive nature.

Increasing the play of these games is also causing problems for the children. Many children waste their time on these games and they are not able to study properly and it is also damaging to their health.

Games like PUBG, GTA and fortnight harmful for children

The DCPCR has requested the Directorate of education to spread awareness of the harmful effects of these games that are full of violence and sexual content. These games have also psychological effects on children which are prominent after some days of playing.

Delhi commission also advises the parents to keep check of their children regularly of their day to day activities. Moreover, they also advised that parents should keep their children involved in physical activities as it is very necessary for their growth.

We should always have a check on our children’s about their activities also about the content they visit on the internet. We should know about the games they play. Getting addicted to these activities is very damaging to the children life. Parents should be more responsible for their children in order to save them from the drastic effects of these activities.

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