Game That Will Make You Cry

Usually, games are very joyful and everyone loves playing in their leisure time. For the past, some years game developers are also focusing on developing a game that would bring out the emotional factor of a gamer, like fear or joy, happiness or sadness using different stories and environments. If a gamer is emotionally attached to a game, he will get addicted and would like to play that all the time. So, developers try to try their best to bring out the emotions. Some of the game to which gamers are attached emotionally are.

Game That Will Make You Cry

Game That Will Make You Cry

Metal Gear Solid 3: 

This is one of the games in which gamers feel sad and sentimental. In this game, the main character “snake eater” salutes and sheds tears at his mother’s grave. Metal gear maker usually dealt with issues like loyalty, nationality but in MSG3 he made the story emotional. This is one of the reasons MSG fans area addicted with this game.

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