Galaxy S10 and S10+ Difference

Samsung recently released the Galaxy s10 and s10+. Both of these phones looks familiar with great specs. Galaxy s10 is the standard device which is the flagship but galaxy s10+ is the most premium Samsung device available right now.

Galaxy S10 and S10+ Difference

Galaxy S10 and S10+ Difference

Samsung s10 and s10+ have some things in common like the QUALCOMM 855 chipset. Galaxy s10 has a 6.1-inch display size along with 128gnb internal storage and it is priced at 899$. Galaxy s10+ has a bigger screen size with a price tag of 999$. Both of these devices have the same Samsung’s AMOLED display.

Samsung galaxy s10+ is available in 1TB storage which is a ‘one of a kind’ feature. But having a bigger screen size makes it less appropriate for people with smaller hands. S10 has a smaller screen size as compared to s10+ so makes it lasts fewer as compared to the latter.

Samsung S10 is preferable to buy as compared to s10+ as it costs less with almost all the similar features like on Screen fingerprint, multiple cameras and also the OS. Also, the galaxy s10 has a perfect size that fits hands having 8 GB ram and 128 GB storage. But if you want to have “the best”, then you should go for the galaxy s10+ which is also available in 1Tb storage space.




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