Best 5 iPhone Games For Everyone

iPhone has a huge library of games in the store. There are games of every genre and there are a lot of free and paid ones. Racing, Shooting, puzzle you can download game of any type from the App Store. No one can really pick out the best iPhone games because it all depends on the mood but we can enlist some of the best games.

Best 5 iPhone Games For Everyone

Best 5 iPhone Games For Everyone

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ROCK BAND:  Rockband is an awesome game for music freaks. It is developed by EA in which the player can select a song and then select an instrument. The player can play any instrument on any famous songs using buttons. It gives you a simulation in which you can play a musical instrument on an actual song. All you need is good timing and you are good to go. This game provides 3 difficult to choose.


  • Angry birds:  It is a puzzle like a game in which different birds are available to the player. Each of these birds contains some special powers. Player has to slingshot these birds to the brick structure. You have to destroy this structure along with the enemy birds in order to go to the next round.


  • PUBG:  PUBG is a multiplayer game for iPhone. Multiple players are stranded on an island, in order to win you have to be the last man alive on this island. The player can collect guns, accessories or medical kits. Also, the player can earn rewards to buy guns etc.


  • Clash of clans:  Clash of clans is a strategy game for iPhone. The player needs to farm the resources in order to build an empire. Using that you can buy weapons or build buildings. You have to defend your base and attack on enemy’s base in order to win.


  • Fruit Ninja:  If you want to master the art of slicing the fruits and vegetables you really need to check out this game. In this game fruits and vegetables are thrown onto the screen and the players need to cut it off without falling on the ground. You can earn more points by cutting more than 2 fruits at once.


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