Apple, Google Slammed For App That Tracks Women

Technology is getting innovative and advanced, this statement is positive if the technology is used optimistically. Apple and Google which are very well established names are slammed and criticized for apps that track women.

Apple, Google Slammed For App That Tracks Women

Apple, Google Slammed For App That Tracks Women

There are many countries mainly Saudi Arabia especially strongly condemn and restrained against women tracking tracks on google and apple. Human rights activist stated

“Apple and Google have rules against apps that facilitate threats and harassment,”

“Apps like this one can facilitate human rights abuses, including discrimination against women.”

Tracking women sometimes helpful for security reasons, but when it started negatively to use against women for harassment. Amnesty International, international human rights organization also stated and encouraged to criticize those apps, which are used negatively and slammed every app which hosts such services.

Yasmine Mohammed, a Saudi Arabia critic, disclosed to Insider that the organizations are “facilitating the most archaic misogyny” and help the Saudi government to authorize “gender apartheid”.

Moreover, the apps are available on google play and Apple’s app store, many US-based tech related organization opposes these kinds of apps. As according to Saudi law, it is quite important to have a legal guardian who is capable of to protect her instead of these tracking apps



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