Amazing Games That Will Fresh Your Mind

There are different kinds of games available for PC, PS4 or mobile device. The purpose of these games is to freshen your mind and make it relax. Some of these games are.

Amazing Games That Will Fresh Your Mind

Amazing Games That Will Fresh Your Mind


MIRROR MOVES:  In this game, the player controls the two players and he has to make them escape at the same time. But it’s not easy as its look like. Both players act opposite to each other when you control them. You really need to think in order to complete a level.

Score Zero:  It is a simple game to test your reflexes.  Whenever the selected next color passes through the downward arrow, you just need to press the button. When you match the color, a ring will start rotating in the opposite direction.

SIMS:  Sims is a role-playing game for PC or mobile. This game is the simulation of the real life in which you can make your player find a job or change its dress or prepare a nice meal for himself. It’s really relaxing to play this kind of game.

Score hero:  It’s one of the best game for football fans. You just need to make a strategy to pass a ball to your teammates in such a way that you can score a goal. There are many levels of this games and difficulty starts to increase as you pass to the next level.

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