4 Amazing Cool Android Games For Everyone

In recent past years, the mobile gaming industry has grown a lot bigger. As smartphone users are increasing day by day, smartphone gaming users are also increasing and a lot of big game develops are focusing on creating games for a smartphone like EA. There’s a huge library of games in the google play store, but it might be difficult to choose the best one. We can help you in that domain.

4 Amazing Cool Android Games For Everyone

4 Amazing Cool Android Games For Everyone

These are some of the games that you will get addicted to and might plan in your leisure time throughout the day.

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The idea of the game is simple, as 100 players find each other stranded on an island and fight each other. They are equipped with weapons, ammo etc. In order for you to win, you have to be the last player alive on that island.

⦁ Plants VS Zombies 2
This is one of the best free game available for android phones. You have to place plants, cannons, and sunflowers strategically in your backyard and oppose the enemies to destroy you. This game is very detailed with extensive graphics.

⦁ Defense Zone 3 HD
This is another title based free android game with advanced graphics and realistic look and feel. This game provides many strategic possibilities with futuristic weapons and advanced vehicles than most games of this genre.

⦁ The Quest 
This is first-person RPG game with extraordinary hand-developed graphics with the extensive story. You have to explore parts of the worlds and enter any quests on your way.

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