3 Most Risky Applications On PlayStore

PlayStore has millions of applications. Making an application safer for its user is the primary task of a developer. You can find application for almost every kind of activity but user starts using these apps after knowing whether it is safe for use or not. The app can be dangerous or risky in many ways, the app can drain your phone’s battery or can leak your sensitive data. Also, developers can make apps do a task that user doesn’t intend to do. There are many applications on PlayStore that passes Google’s validations for uploading to the store. But they can cause damage to the device.

3 Most Risky Applications On PlayStore

3 Most Risky Applications On PlayStore

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3 of the riskiest apps on PlayStore are:


  • Weather:  This is an app for getting a live weather update. This app also includes a widget to check the weather on the home screen. Many users reported that this app contains a malware that retrieves your personal information. This application got blacklisted after some days of its release.


  • Chicken Puzzle:  This is an interactive puzzle game for Android devices. This game is very addictive and got a huge amount of downloads. This application also got blacklisted when users found it records their locations everywhere they go and upload it to their server.


  • Boyfriend Tracker:  This application is actually a spy application for device tracking. This application got blacklisted when users found out it sends their IMEI to their servers. Also, this application doesn’t use any encrypted so your data is not safe with it.


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