3 Latest Android Games

Gaming through smartphones is one of the amazing experience, as you can play where ever you are with carrying heavy bulky gaming systems. Android is now a day’s one of the famous operating system, which allows you to world-renowned famous games.

3 Latest Android Games

3 Latest Android Games

It’s hard to pick amazing or best android games, as there are a tremendous amount of android games available in google play store. There are various kinds of games with in-app purchases or non-app purchases, but the thing is any game lover would love to invest their money on in-app purchases. Let us explore 3 more interesting and latest android games

  • Plants vs. Zombies:  First person shooter game, as zombies’ apocalypse,e is all over us. Zombies’ apocalypse is one of the most used theme for any addictive or fighting game players ever created. Plants vs. zombies are also made out of this concept or theme but the difference is, here plants are helping or saving you from a zombie attack.
  • When zombies attacked the only plant are here to protect, as all the peashooters and sunflowers can become a uncompetable force.


  • Minecraft:  Minecraft is one of the best and famous games among players, with a new update of as Minecraft is having an Android version as well. The concept circles around crafting, surviving and building forts, whenever you want to settle down in this game you can create a fort to live. It’s an amazing and innovative step for all the game lover, who are addicted to gameplay even on their smartphones.


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