3 Cheats For Famous Games For PC

Video games follow certain rules and certain stages in order to continue further. There are certain codes provided by game developers to enable the player to break these rules and have fun by cheating in the game. Different cheat codes in different games provide different functionality like a racing game can provide a cheat code to make your car faster with better handling. A first-person shooter game can provide a cheat code to make your player immortal. So, different games can have different cheat codes.

3 Cheats For Famous Games For PC

3 Cheats For Famous Games For PC


Some of the games with cheat codes are:

NFS 2:  Need for speed 2 is a racing game by EA, which is also famous for its cheat codes. NFS has many cheat codes to increased top speed of a card. Cheat codes are usually words typed with a keyboard. E.g. if you type “FZR2000” in the main menu of NFS, you can unlock a special car which is the fastest car in the game. You can make your opponent appear as traffic and even make your horn move away from any car on the road.


Commandos 2:  Commandos men of courage is a strategy game with vast cheat codes. Using these cheat codes you can make your commando invincible, or you can make it teleport to any location on the map. You can also make your commandos invisible using a cheat code.


GTA vice city:  GTA series always have these cheat codes to increase your fun. You can use these cheat codes to make your car fly or unlock some special guns. You can even earn money or health in this game using cheat codes.

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