3 Adorable PC Games For Kids

The PC gaming industry is the everlasting and most successful gaming industry there is. All of the gaming giants entered the gaming industry with PC gaming. You can find a game of any genre and for everyone. There is a huge PC gaming library for Kids as well. Kids are usually attracted to the game having colorful graphics and playful sounds, some of the games of this genre are.

3 Adorable PC Games For Kids

3 Adorable PC Games For Kids

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⦁ Ooblets
It is an adorable and colorful game for kids. You have to build a farm and expand it, also collect ooblets. You learn some gardening mechanics to earn more ooblets and be friends with them. Your ooblets can also battle with other ooblets in combats. One can also collect different items and decorate your house with it.

⦁ Snake Pass
Snake pas is puzzle based game with excellent physics and really colorful graphics. In this game, you play as a snake and collect gate gems to progress. Collect more and more items to move on to the next level. There is no enemy or any fighting, the idea is to complete the puzzle and get the reward.

⦁ LEGO Worlds
LEGO worlds is a creative building game for kids in which you can design and build environment using bricks either by moving things or by using prefabricated buildings. You can customize complete environment and give your creative touch.

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